Working from a private studio in Collingwood, Melbourne, Sophie creates simple, functional forms with surface treatments that reflect her desire for a timeless aesthetic.

"My overall aim is to create quiet, minimal, handmade vessels that return significance and meaning to a household object and can be handled, utilised and enjoyed on a daily basis."

Integral to her art practice is her involvement in teaching wheel thrown ceramic courses. She is currently a tutor in beginner and intermediate wheel thrown ceramics with Cone 11 at the Abbotsford Convent.

Predominantly utilising the potters' wheel and merging traditional and modern techniques of pottery production, Sophie crafts vessels in high fired porcelain and stoneware with a focus on function, durability and  the highest quality of ware.

Every piece is hand formed, decorated, glazed and fired by the artist in an electric kiln. This labour intensive process concentrates the makers awareness on the fine details, encouraging a slower pace and an appreciation of the importance of every step. It is this intention and care in making that makes each piece special.