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“Truly Natural - Basically Beautiful. We never complicate and expose the unique beauty captured in Marble; with its endless veins and dense, weighty structure, every piece is a relic of the Earth and a moment in time.”

Melbourne based sisters Bliss and Bonnie Adams founded Marble Basics in 2014 - it is an homage to their signature pared-back, timeless design aesthetic. Their dedication to Marble, a durable and enduring material is channeled in contemporary, basic and everlasting products, all thoughtfully designed by the sisters.

Pieces handcrafted by artisans are conserved and created in luxurious materials, to be used and appreciated in everyday life. In an increasingly complicated world, Marble Basics takes you right back to the Basics.

The wise concept to invest in natural, quality mediums and products that will not be thrown out in a year or simply forgotten is relished by Bliss and Bonnie. Simple, functional designs compliment the sheer beauty and endless possibilities of the materials used.  

These are utilitarian designs that are valued showpieces, and, there is a passionate, unfeigned ethos of usefulness surrounding the Marble Basics aesthetic. Ultimately, Basic shapes become something truly out of the ordinary.  

The relationship between design and use has come to represent itself in the Marble Basics trajectory. The sisters are inspired and driven by Basic objects that can be used and appreciated in day-to-day use, as well as recognised for their beauty. 

In a world where design knocks us on the head without even thinking, really, the best designs come down to both functionality and the aesthetic. Every Marble Basics design carries this in mind. 

The idea that there is a place for everything is something that resonates in the sentimental individual in all of us. Whether it be the essential value of a Marble Fruit Bowl, or the timelessness of a Marble Canister or Vessel, these are designs that appeal to the inner minimalist and design canny. 

The Marble Basics journey is a natural one, just like the veins in Marble, design pathways are endless with more products constantly carving their niche. 

The Marble Basics approach is one set in stone - a design team founded on the concept of longevity by placing Marble Homewares and functional designs in the context of our everyday lives.