IVY MUSE Chubby Spun Metal Pot


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Provide a striking solid base for medium to large size plants with 'Chubby'.

Designed and made in Melbourne from powder-coated spun aluminium.

Available in two sizes (Small and Large) and in eight colours; Black, White, Moss, Stone, Sky Blue, French Blue, Clay and Claret.

Specifications | Chubby Small
Height | 294mm
Top diameter| 330mm
Drainage hole | yes 
Use | Indoor and outdoor 
Pairs with | Floyd Plant Stand

Specifications | Chubby Large
Height | 396mm
Top diameter| 455mm
Drainage hole | yes 
Material | Powder-coated 3mm spun aluminium 
Use | Indoor and outdoor

Care & Planting Out
Whilst our spun metal pots are constructed from high quality spun aluminium, a material which makes them rust resistant, for the longevity of the powder-coat finish we recommend using your new pot as a cache pot.

A cache pot is simply a decorative pot that you sit the plant in its original plastic nursery pot inside of.

Powder-coat surfaces have also been known to react to the various organic matter and non-organic chemicals in potting mix, such as slow release fertilisers etc. Using your new pot as a cache pot will prevent the powder-coat surface coming into direct contact with your plants soil.

We recommend elevating the spun metal pot off your indoor or outdoor floor surface to protect the powder-coat finish on the base of the pot. This can be done by applying self-adhesive clear silicone gel round door / cabinet bumpers to the base of the pot. If a higher elevation is required to allow water to free drain in outdoor areas, we recommend using window packers.

To protect indoor floor surfaces we recommend placing a plastic drip tray (available at your local hardware store) in the base of the spun metal pot, before placing the plant in its nursery pot inside the pot.

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